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AK DOL - LSS Application Portal
Contractor Applications

File Notice of Work
Use this tool to file a Notice of Work. File the Notice as soon as you are awarded a contract. A Notice of Work is required before you can begin working on site and must be submitted to the Department of Labor.
Search Contractors for Submitted Payroll
Contractors, Agencies, and the general public use this tool to verify that a Certified Payroll was submitted for a given contractor/project/week.
Upload/Submit Certified Payroll and Employee Lists
Certified Payrolls from the weekly and bi-weekly spreadsheets can be automatically uploaded and submitted. Employee Lists (formerly called Demographics) can also be submitted automatically by either uploading the information from the Employee List tab in the Certified Payroll spreadsheets or by uploading a comma separate file (CSV).
File Notice of Completion
Use this tool to file a Notice of Completion. This must be done after the project is complete. The Awarding Agency will be notified when a Notice of Completion is filed and all filing fees are paid, assuming there are no compliancy issues associated with the project or contractor.
Pay Filing Fees Electronically
Use this tool to pay filing fees associated with Notices of Work or Completion. Payment can be made using a bank account or a Master Card or Visa. Manual Payment information is also available through this interface. If you have any questions about payments, please contact your local office (see below).

Public / Agency Applications

File Notice of Award
Use this tool to inform LSS that a contract has been awarded.

Search Notice of Award
Agencies, Contractors and the general public use this tool to search for previously filed Notice of Awards. Can search by Agency, Project, Contractor and contract number.
Search filed Notice of Work, Notice of Completion

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